27 October 2022
Business Relationship Specialist

Business Relationship Specialist
Our client, a prestigious financial institution company is looking to hire its next Business Relationship Specialist
Hourly rate: $17 to $21 (based on experience)
Miami, FL
Full time /permanent role/on-site
As the Business Relationship Specialist, You Will effectively handle the coordination of the bank unit's efforts in servicing customer needs and in the resolution of customer inquiries. This staff is instrumental in providing
overall support to Relationship Officers in the enrollment and closing of their sales and services functions as a secondary point of contact for customers.
Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:
 Responsible for working closely to the relationship officer in the origination of transactions such as
opening and closing of accounts, including but not limited to DDA’s CD’s and Savings, commercial transaction banking products/services, maintenance of authorized signatures, closing and disbursement of loans, handling and processing of loan documents and collateral documents, and other assigned tasks.
 Assists Relationship Officers in originating new loans by following up with prospects/clients on
information required to complete the loan application process, as well as to close an approved loan by
obtaining documentation, filling out checklist and ensure all required information is submitted to
supporting area to complete the closing stages, including Pull Credit reports, OFAC, World Check and
CCI searches. Prepare appraisal engagements and order environmental reports.
 Process loan payments and adjustments and provide customers information regarding account
balances, payments and due dates. Performs loan analysis related to principal and interest applied to
individual cases as needed or required by Customer, Relationship Officer, top management, etc.
 Prepares or process instructions (depending on service level agreement with supporting area) to
disburse loan proceeds according to pre-established agreements. It includes accounting entries,
official checks, wires, etc. and next day verifications of data entry correctness/accuracy and coordinating any corrections as needed.
 Monitors portfolio customer accounts for available funds and apply payments per credit policy and loan
contract. Handles calls from branches referring these approval requests to the authorized officer for
check encashment. In addition, handles the referral of electronic transactions such as ACH, wires,
book transfers, etc. for exposure or insufficient/unavailability of funds in depository accounts by
evidencing in transit transactions (deposits, loan advances, etc) and seeks RO concurrence for
eventual approval by Credit staff.
 Provides support in the administration of the commercial credit portfolio by reviewing portfolio’s maturity
schedules and documentation expiration dates, notifying customers of information and documentation
needed to maintain loans in good status, following up on such requests, make available the
documentation to RO and credit analysts for the corresponding analysis. In addition, provides support
in maintaining credit files with updated documents and keeps the documentation tickler up to date.
 Receives and initiates customer calls, emails and or receive in-person visits to coordinate bank’s unit
efforts in the resolution of investigations, requirements and discrepancies in the customers DDA, loan
accounts and any other product/service. Ensures follow up with processes to finally remit to customers
the necessary information guaranteeing an effective and timely resolution.
 Identifies sales opportunities and refer them to the Relationship Officers and other business areas for
specific products and services.
 Provides assistance and/or prepares reports, statistics, graphics, tables and presentations as required
by supervisor/management.
 Assists in the streamlining of processes by taking advantage of structure/system capabilities.
 Preferred experience opening accounts, account documentation, read appraisals.
 Preferred: prior experience as Commercial Lending Assistant, Commercial Closer or Personal Banker.
 Ability to multitask and good writing skills
Other Responsibilities:
 Participate in staff meetings and individual coaching sessions, as needed.
 Control operational costs through proactive management of processes.
 Assist in the Department’s special projects as needed.
 Thorough knowledge of all phases of the division’s banking services and products, commercial
operating systems and familiar with documentation used and applicable rules, regulations and
 Knowledge of banking laws, including Know your customer, Bank Secrecy Act, US Patriot Act, CRA,
Truth in Lending, Truth in Savings, among others.
 Sales and Customer service: Knowledge of sales and customer service processes. Able to manage
demanding, difficult or emotional customer situations and responds promptly to customer needs.
 Good analytical, problem solving and mathematic skills.
 Contributes to building a positive team spirit. Integration with peer departments, especially Closing,
Credit and Loan Review
 Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness and looks for ways to improve and promote quality.
 Good planning and organization and follows policies and procedures and completes administrative
tasks correctly and on a timely basis.
 Ethics: Treats people with respect and upholds organizational values maintaining composure, tact and
courtesy that could be routinely high volume and demanding.
 Computer proficient (Word, Excel, and Power Point)
 Excellent verbal and written communication in both English
Minimum Requirements
 Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Associate Degree and or two (2) years of experience
in commercial banking operations or customer service or equivalent combination of education and
experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential functions of the job is required.
 Microsoft Office proficient (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
 Write, speak, and understand English.
 Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
 Customer Service oriented.
 Available to work overtime, when required, available to visit customers and outside agencies when
 License to operate motor vehicle.
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