07 October 2021
Senior Leadership Development Training Consultant

Senior Leadership Developing Training Consultant

ttg Talent Solutions is currently assisting one of our clients with a LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT TRAINING PROGRAM.

A senior level consultant will be needed to execute the lead role on said project, where ttg Talent Solutions would provide general goals. Consultant would be required to set milestones for 2 separate teams of different leveled management by cohort. Prior to being considered for the role, ttg Talent solutions will be assisting, and presenting needed methodology for said program, and will assume all responsibility for managing the deliverable.
Required Education: bachelors Degree in Human Resources (or equivalent)

Compensation is to be based on prior experience, and level of commitment. Project is slated to last up to a year and will consist of multiple phases, sustainability, and periodical follow up with leadership.    

For further details, timeline, and consideration, please contact Leo Guevara ata LGuevara@usattg.com