06 October 2021
Senior Credit Analyst

Senior Credit Analyst – Miami , FL

Position Description:
The Senior Credit Analysts as a financial professional is required to evaluate and assess the risk level of lending money to individuals and organizations. The Senior Credit Analyst will review credit requests and produce a recommendation after undertaking a thorough analysis of a variety of factors and careful analysis of a client's financial information, including income statements, cash flow history, current debt, and tax forms. The position will work closely with loan officers to verify credit information and client credit history. The Senior Credit Analyst will perform various functions which are primarily concerned with analyzing the credit worthiness of customers or prospects by conducting in-depth financial analysis to determine the risk involved in granting a loan request.
  • Provide analysis of customer financial statements and ensure that all data entry is accurate and complete
  • Responsible for the underwriting of loan requests and annual reviews
  • Evaluate and authorize credit limits as well as monitor credit risk
  • Interact with current loan/credit customers, prospects, and bank lending officers
  • Serve as consultant in the local Credit Committees and related meetings and projects
  • Discuss the decision process for credit lines exceeding the local competencies with Headquarters, if applicable
  • Responsible for reviewing legal documentation and ensure proper administrative follow up of credit decisions
  • Analyze loan data, including data provided by customers, credit bureaus, and bank records on new, renewal, and existing loans to ensure loan worthiness
  • Prepare spreadsheets, summaries, reports, and opinions for loan officers and loan committees to aid sound credit decisions on new, renewal, and existing loans
  • Discuss lending parameters such as loan structure, cash flow, collateral, character, and other relevant lending issues with Commercial Lending team
  • Grade the risk associated with proposed loans during underwriting process
  • Utilize sound credit analysis techniques to ensure a profitable business portfolio
  • Obtain critical information for the monitoring of the buyer portfolio through conducting buyer visits or telephone interviews
  • Responsible for monitoring high risk buyers and soliciting proprietary information by establishing a rapport and maintaining contact with Finance Directors and Treasurers through visits and telephone and written correspondence
  • Utilize all available information to arrive at consistent grading of buyers within his/her authority or make detailed recommendations to the Supervisor and/or superior when outside authority
  • Determine the appropriate credit rating of a company or client being analyzed by performing financial and credit analysis
  • Communicate with Sales Agents and Commercial Underwriters as to underwriting requirements regarding industry outlooks and target markets
  • Utilize public and proprietary information to determine underlying market trends
  • Responsible for conducting company and industry research as needed
  • Undertake online research of public records, including, but not limited to county register’s databases, Secretary of State Database, and assessor’s database, for corporate filings and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings
  • Ensure that all necessary information relevant for decision-making is included in the write up for Credit Lines, and review the presentation of credit lines
  • Give a second opinion to the Relationship Managers’ preliminary analysis
  • Ensure that clients’ financial statements are in line with company’s policies, and express an opinion on the financial situation of the customer
  • Verify the existence and conformity of source documents as well as the coherence of the presentation with the operations.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting or Finance
  • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is a plus
  • 5 to 7 yrs. experience as credit analyst, in financial management; credit insurance, banking or credit insurance brokerage environment
  • Possess credit knowledge and experience with high volume risk analysis and underwriting
  • Possess Market knowledge of local economic environment
  • Sound knowledge of Finance and Credit Management
  • Possess exceptional financial analysis skills and knowledge of advanced accounting concepts
  • Advance computer skills - proficient with Excel, Word, and financial analysis software and other spreadsheet packages.
Experience with ASA/SQL or Python is a plus
  • Strong written communication abilities, including technical writing skills as well as excellent verbal communication skills and telephone skills to relate with multiple stakeholders
  • Interpersonal and negotiation skills to establish, nurture, and build relationship with others with the ability to influence their decisions towards achieving a defined goal
  • Ability to work under pressure: They must be able to make calculated and rational decisions even under high pressure situations
  • Strong analytical and statistical skills - perform simple to complex mathematical calculations and statistical analysis, including scorecard analysis.
  • Decipher Cause and Effect relationships with a strong understanding of all the instrument on the fixed income market
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and manage multiple assignments.