13 October 2021
Certified Educator (Teacher)

ttg Talent Solutions has been engaged by our valued College Preparatory Academy partner to find their next certified Educators or Statement of Eligibility holders who meet the State of Florida requirements.

Position Overview Our Educators will work collaboratively to prepare students for success in college and the global workforce. They will recognize and embrace that they are responsible for the academic, social, and emotional development of children and build the relationships with students, families and colleagues to actualize our mission.
Essential Duties
  • Provide for an engaging middle school learning environment conducive to student success
  • Actively build strong relationships with parents and families that foster trust, collaboration, and communication
  • Promote and support a middle school program with promotion based upon standards mastery
  • Examine student assessment data to inform decision making and to guide and improve instruction
  • Promote high levels of learning in an engaging and effective manner, using a variety of instructional methodologies, curriculum resources, and materials
  • Integrate literacy strategies into the instructional framework
  • Differentiate instruction to reach all learners
  • Plan, organize, and deliver appropriate lessons for assigned area(s) of responsibility, and submit lesson plans to the assigned administrator on an as requested basis
  • Establish and maintain a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning
  • Assess students’ learning in a professional manner and communicate students’ progress to parents and fellow teachers to facilitate future instruction
  • Identify special needs of students and seek additional support, as needed
  • Maintain and submit necessary records, progress reports, and grade reports and provide timely and ongoing feedback to students and families regarding student progress
  • Participate in faculty meetings, workshops, staff development programs, and other school sponsored activities
  • Participate in summer programming including direct service to incoming and returning school youth and curriculum work with colleagues
  • Assist in general building supervision and discipline of students outside of the classroom according to the school’s Model of Care
  • Adhere to the professional and ethical standards as outlined in the School's Staff Manual
  • Model the school’s Core Values (Respect, Self-Discipline, Compassion, Responsibility, Integrity, and Gratitude) in all environments and times and in their interactions with all school stakeholders
  • Participate in workshops, trainings, and other professional learning experiences to hone their craft
  • Engage in home visits (according to the protocol and expectations outlined in the staff handbook)
  • Contribute to a positive student-adult school culture
  • Participate in additional duties to include: community meetings, Targeted Instruction, tutoring, off-campus learning and others as directed by the Academic Coordinator
  • Perform other tasks as required and/or assigned by supervisor(s).
Core Competencies
  • An ability to exercise patience and support during students’ learning process
  • Strong organization skills and a relentless pursuit of excellence
  • The ability to build positive and deep relationships with students, parents, and staff
  • The ability to effectively analyze data and utilize data to drive practice
  • An unyielding belief in all children’s ability to achieve excellence
Minimum Qualifications
  • All teachers must be Highly Qualified according to the Florida state requirements
  • Minimum of 2-4 years of teaching experience
  • Must have completed an undergraduate degree in their content area or a related content area
  • An understanding of adolescent development
  • Proven experience motivating and educating students to high levels of achievement
  • ESOL endorsement (if applicable)
  • Grades 6-12 subject area certification

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