07 October 2021
AP processor – A

  • Work on request for remuneration and incoming invoices, and process them efficiently and promptly
  • Handle expense reports, refund, and validate information from vendors while reviewing supporting documents for the right accreditation
  • Verify appropriate accounts codes and perform keypunching of vendor invoices accurately and expeditiously
  • Audit invoices to ensure precision of keypunching, and carry out essential corrections
  • Perform research on statements provided by suppliers to enable them secure payment of all open items.
Requirements Skills & Abilities 
  • Strong ability to effectively and expertly communicate with vendors, consultants, management, and other clients, both verbally and in writing
  • Outstanding ability to handle tasks with large number of information with effectiveness
  • Commendable skills in organizing and working on several tasks concurrently, as well as in giving proper attention to details
  • High level computer knowledge involving mostly the use of Microsoft Office software, and understanding of SAP
  • Possess courtesy, empathy, and advanced professionalism
  • Outstanding customer service aptitude for ensuring superb customer satisfaction
  • Self reliance, with the ability to work comfortably in a team environment
  • Possess basic accounting and mathematical skills to be able to post transactions or perform bookkeeping entries
  • Possess diploma from High School, with at least two years finance, accounts payable or general accounting experience.

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