07 October 2021
Administrative Assistant

Office Administrator
The Business Administrator will be a strategic thought-partner, and report to the senior pastor. The successful candidate will be a hands-on manager and will lead and develop an internal team to support the following areas: finance, business planning and budgeting, human resources, and administration.
  • Manage organizational cash flow and forecasting to ensure it supports operational requirements.
    • Ensure all financial obligations are paid in an accurate and timely manner. (This includes printing checks, recording automatically generated withdrawals, making, and recording payments on vendor websites, implement the vendor ACH payment module already purchased through our current software provider.)
    • Ensure all receipts (deposits) from donors, parents, and other sources are processed in an accurate and timely manner (Ensure the proper flow of monies into the bank: Servant Keeper Online donations, Planning Center online donations, church received cash and checks, Smart Tuition online transfer of monies collected, Scholarship monies received through ACH and checks, all other monies received in-house.)
  • Implement new school year rates and manage the Smart Tuition reporting system; ensure that the billing and collection schedule is adhered to and that financial data is properly recorded in the accounting records.
  • Manage the banking relationships and the stock portfolio account.
          H/R & Technology
  • Further develop Church's human resources and administration (Paylocity),enhance professional development (teacher, staff, etc.), compensation and benefits..
  • Further develop the onboarding processes to ensure it is consistent and streamlined.
  • Further digitalize the human resource records and ensure all state and government requirements are being followed.
  • Establish and manage a comprehensive training program to educate employees regarding policies and procedures.
  • Ensure all business permits and licenses are current and free of violations
  • Ensure Church’s 501 (‘C’)(3) status is maintained through outside fellowship organizations
  • Ensure Church’s Florida Sales Tax exemption is maintained
  • Ensure safeguarding of Elders reports and confidential records of the corporation and implement the digitalization of these documents
  • Complete other duties at the discretion of senior pastor
1) Reports to Senior Pastor
2) Consults and works with school administrator/principal
  • Education: A minimum of AA in Business Management or Equivalent
  • Experienced in finances and Management
  • Sr. Pastor, Principal, and Board Approval
  • Past Experience Determined by above
 As a church and school staff the Office Administrator will be expected to make an effort to attend weekly staff meetings (unless otherwise agreed upon). The Office Administrator is an employee of Community Church/ Christian School and her Sr. Pastor/ Principal as such the Office Administrator is to work alongside the ministries of the church and school in unity and respect. The Office Administrator answers directly to the Sr. Pastor and/or The Board of Elders, and works alongside all other employees.
Salary:             $20 per Hour, 40 hrs. per week.
Benefits Package: The position offers free child tuition at King’s Christian School, health, dental, eye and medical insurance. A SEP retirement with matching.