13 October 2021
Adjunct to CEO

Adjunct to CEO

Jr. Engineer, Operations Manager, PMP
Here is an uncommon opportunity for a recent MBA, JD, or similar profile to see the fast-paced world of a leading tech startup from the CEO perspective. You will be acting as Special Advisor to the CEO. Get a close-up view of the opportunities, challenges, and decision making of a leading entrepreneurial CEO who is in the process of revolutionizing an industry, and the lives of millions of workers within it.
The successful candidate must be prepared to dive headfirst into entrepreneurial waters:
  • 1) Ready to go at a moment’s notice,
  • 2) Able to switch focus on a dime, and
  • 3) Capable of applying keen analytical skills to lead special CEO-driven projects.
This individual must proactively assess CEO needs through direct and indirect means, while leveraging strong interpersonal and communications skills always with a view towards both the importance of detail, and the big picture.
This position is, quite simply, the opportunity to be part of a revolution in the apparel and footwear industry itself, with positive impact on millions of workers. We’re offering the right person a front-row seat and the possibility to become a critical support for the mission.
  • Be a resource for the CEO and the company, proactively solving problems and facilitating his schedule.
  • Plan and execute critical strategic and operating projects under CEO guidance, while also managing quotidian and personal requirements towards freeing the CEO schedule. This is a hybrid role for a unique individual who is equally prepared to execute at both a strategic and operationally high level, as well as to facilitate the CEO by performing typical PA responsibilities.
  • Management of a growing headquarters, while acting as liaison with offices worldwide.
  • Preparation of executive level reports.
  • Liaison to CEO from internal and external clients and stakeholders.
  • MBA, JD, or similar with 2 years of professional experience.
  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Suite, especially Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Able to quickly learn processes and software supporting the daily operations of the company.
  • Demonstrated success working strategically and collaboratively across departments.
  • Proven ability to apply analytical expertise towards strategic and operational ends. Capable of rendering recommendations to CEO and other executive-level team members based on fact-based analysis.
  • Experience creating, implementing, and managing processes.
  • Outstanding communicator, both orally and written in English.
  • Extremely organized. Strong multi-tasking and time-management skills.
  • Discretion to handle sensitive information with the highest degree of integrity and confidentiality.
Company Mission and Values
We aim to revolutionize the apparel and footwear industry, and to improve the lives of millions
of people who work within it. We're a fast-paced startup with a global footprint of offices and
installations, and the know-how, infrastructure, and driving intention to change the world. We
practice honesty and ethics beyond question, and we seek people of same ethos to continue to
expand our multinational team.
At ttg, “We believe in making a difference One Person at a Time,” ttg OPT.